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Welcome to the Sprayberry High School Echo Project. The goal of this website is to provide for you a visual record of every Echo annual published for the students of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia. Sprayberry opened its doors in 1952, and the first Echo was published in 1953. Obviously, this is a task that will never be complete as long as Sprayberry continues to operate as a school, as there will be a new annual every year. At present, the collection of annuals is almost complete into the late-1990's. Later editions will be added as they become available and are scanned.

As you look through the scans on this site, please be aware that in almost every case the Echo scanned was a copy that belonged to someone, not a mint copy, so in some cases there will be writing on the pages. In most cases where writing was over white areas of a page, that writing has been painted out. In those cases where writing is over a picture, that writing has not been painted out so as to preserve the underlying image. However, in a few cases this writing may have been painted out to preserve the privacy of the album owner.

While this site is free, nothing is totally free in this world. If you feel so moved, help in covering the costs of maintaining this site can be offered through either a small direct donation, or through the purchase of class year CDs. Please click on the "Support" or "Order" buttons above or to the left to help out.

An undertaking of this magnitude would not be possible without the support of those who have so generously allowed me to borrow and scan their Echo annuals. A special thanks go to:
Echo years 1953-57 - Frances Chambers, Class of 1957
Echo year 1958 - Edna Rickman, Class of 1960
Echo year 1959 - Louise Rickman - Class of 1962
Echo year 1961 - Ken Hicks, Class of 1964 and Louise Rickman, Class of 1962
Echo years 1962-65 - Martha Gossage Miller, Class of 1965, Mike Roper, Class of 1966, and Lorna Goltz Roper, Class of 1967
Echo year 1966 - Mike Roper, Class of 1966 and Lorna Goltz Roper, Class of 1967
Echo year 1967 - Lorna Goltz Roper, Class of 1967, and Alan Ray, Class of 1967
Echo years 1968-70 - Janice Landers Norton, Class of 1970
Echo year 1971 - Kathy Bell Farmer, Class of 1973 and Mark Reeves, Class of 1973
Echo year 1972 - Mark Reeves, Class of 1973
Echo years 1975-76 - Nancy Brueggemann Drummond, Class of 1976
Echo years 1978-1979 - David Are, Class of 1981
Echo year 1980 - Keith Reece, Class of 1980, and David Are, Class of 1981
Echo year 1981 - David Are, Class of 1981
Echo year 1982 - Susie Austin Franke, Class of 1982
Echo years 1983-85 - Becci Niedjaco Anderson, Class of 1985
Echo year 1998-99 - Connie Hyde Whitley, Class of 1968, and John Whitley, Class of 1999
Echo year 2012 - Grace Oakley, Class of 2014
Thanks also goes to Debbie Hinderliter Fowler, Class of 1974, and Kyla Passman, teacher and yearbook coordinator at Sprayberry, who helped me obtain many Echos that I was not able to borrow.

A special thanks to Robin Are, who assisted me in the beginning with scanning and coding of many of the pages on this website, but grew weary of that, and now sits patiently waiting for hours while I work away in my office.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Skip Are, Class of 1973.

Finally, this website is dedicated to all the many students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents and supporters who made Sprayberry High School what it is today. No matter what year we attended, no matter which building we spent our years in, and no matter what divergent paths our lives have taken since we left, we are still brothers and sisters in the Sprayberry High School family.

This website is always under construction, so some pages are not yet available, or do not yet have pictures on them. Your patience is appreciated.

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