Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My annual doesn't appear on your site. Why not?
A: I don't own that year and no one has volunteered to loan me theirs to scan. Can I borrow yours? Or, I have it and will make it available when I get it scanned. Your patience is appreciated.

Q: How do I know if you have the year I'm looking for?
A: If the page says "Coming Soon" then I have it and will make it available when it is scanned. If I don't have the particular year you are looking for, the page will indicate this.

Q: How soon will you have my year annual loaded?
A: Scanning and coding each individual year takes a lot of time, particularly as the annuals get larger and larger. I work on them as time allows, but this is a labor of love, so just keep checking the "WHAT'S NEW" button on the menu. Your patience is appreciated.

Q: The page you have is out of focus on the edge of the sheet. Can I see a better picture?
A: If the page is out of focus on the edge, that means the original wasn't pressed against the scanner. This is almost always because I'm scanning from a book and can't press it any closer without damaging the book. Sorry.

Q: One of my classmates has died, but their picture isn't in your Memorial Album. Can it be added?
A: Yes. We just need to know their name, what name they were called by, and what class year they were in. I'll do my best to find a picture of them and add it.

Q: Why don't you use more recent pictures of those who have died? They don't look anything like their school picture now.
A: That is the problem. Over time most people's appearance changes. When browsing the Memorial Albums, you may not recognize someone from a recent photo, but you are almost surely going to recognize them the way they used to look.

Q:I'm looking for a picture of (someone, something, etc). Can you find it for me, or do you have it?
A:Sorry, but I don't have the time for extensive searches. Feel free to browse various years and download any picture you want.

Q: I have lost my annual. Can I get a copy?
A: I don't sell annuals. Sometimes SHS Echo annuals become available on Ebay. Check there. You may also download any picture you find on this site. Larger pictures of the pages on this site are available. If you would like a CD containing a complete annual for a particular year, click on the menu button "ORDER" for details.

Q: How long did it take you to scan all these pages?
A: It seems like forever. I have no idea how many hours are in this project, but it's a lot. As of August, 2012, there are nearly 17,000 individual files on this website. About two thirds of them are pictures.

Q: How did the Sprayberry Echo Project come to be.
A: Read the story of the Sprayberry Echo Project Here

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